Illustration by © Fabrice Moireau

Sometimes you get glimpses of the future, a visual piece like a photo or caption, downloaded from where you are heading to… Or a scent… A melody… But even when you can not see what is coming, or smell it, hear it, you surely can feel the future through your emotions… That what you experience again and again will come back, and the feelings that you want to feel are actually invitations to go deeper and discover how you want to live.

Life comes without instructions. Of course you can imitate what others do — and only you can tell if you feel good with it, good with it for a while, or not at all. The path to your fulfilment is given to you, however, by your feelings and your preferences.

Over the last 100 years or so, a lot of ideas about personal preferences have been broadcast into the collective consciousness. The tendency to deemphasize preferences and the feelings that they arouse seemed useful at a time of high conflict and recuperation from it. The thinkers who subscribed to it — to deemphasizing preferences — must have concluded that life was less trouble without preferences and that the path to inner peace was to relax most concepts and desires and to chill.

Who wants to chill all the time, though?

The experiment with chilling has shown enough results by now, and you can tell whether it is for you or not.

(Creatives were not placed on this planet to chill.)

Yet, we have not even begun to draw from emotional intelligence and apply it to our well-being and to the well-being of our communities. With the exception of people who live charmed lives and have a mountain of reasons to beam and who are fueled by their feelings and preferences.

In this spirit, I drop the chill pill behind me, and I let myself dig my passion.

Manifest what you like. Do not worry so much about being intense and having high standards. Life is more interesting when you can feel your pulse cruising in your bloodstream. Aliveness is contagious. 

Prioritize. (Not everything can be done at the same time with the same attention.) Your feelings steer you towards the things that captivate you and that you really, really like.

Go for that. Of course! Oooooommmmm.

29 March 2017

#manifesting #heavenonearth

#webstringofattraction #lawofattraction #emotionalintelligence

#creativity #alignment

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