Six Sensory Redirections

There are protective forces within us — called self-preservation instinct, gut instinct, intuition, sudden strong preferences and similar terms —and protective forces outside of us belonging to the subtle realm that give us warnings that sound like redirections that seem inconvenient, a counter-agenda to our plans, complicated to our convictions, a challenge to our pockets,Continue reading “Six Sensory Redirections”

Fulfilment Is The Sustained Habit Of Aliveness.

Guidance informs us every single day. All our dislikes and likes are part of the inner GPS that signal to us the whole spectrum from cold (“get away!”) to lukewarm (“hm?”) to hot (“why aren’t you here when all your energy is right here”?). It is us who decide to ignore those signals — our guidance. UntilContinue reading “Fulfilment Is The Sustained Habit Of Aliveness.”

Present To Yourself

About Preferences: Allow yourself to like what you like. Because you will like it at the end of the day and after you exhaust all the reasons about why perhaps you “shouldn’t” like it so intensely. And what about that what you don’t like that much? No good will, no fairness, no equanimity, no onenessContinue reading “Present To Yourself”

The Zone of Lovely

Whether something comes to us freely or with a lot of effort is quite irrelevant. What counts is the feeling that it elicits. When we like it, we take care of it. Ambivalence or outright dislike can not draw out responsibility and loving behaviour — not in the long run. What we truly care aboutContinue reading “The Zone of Lovely”

Preferences Communicate Consciousness

Just for today, I am grateful for the abundant proof I have been given that a person’s consciousness captures the present and sets the stage for her / his future. Therefore, if your intent is to really know another person, observe her / his consciousness. If you really want to understand chapters of your life,Continue reading “Preferences Communicate Consciousness”