Six Sensory Redirections

Sky in 2020 (a year of profound redirections, for me)

There are protective forces within us — called self-preservation instinct, gut instinct, intuition, sudden strong preferences and similar terms —and protective forces outside of us belonging to the subtle realm that give us warnings that sound like redirections that seem inconvenient, a counter-agenda to our plans, complicated to our convictions, a challenge to our pockets, or just “well-meant but unrealistic”.

In many cases, though, redirections are so enjoyable that we fail to notice that by going with what seemed more fun to do at that occasion may have saved our life, or our health.

This week, several vibrant older people told me about their long lives. I noticed that they let in the signals from the subtle realm and the signals from within and acted on that information.

It is only dawning on me now that signals like that form our future, want our future, help us to define the future that we want, particularly when our ideas about the future are inchoate.

11 November 2022

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