Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions

Have Confidence In Your Guidance! Your husband, your wife is not coming when you desperately hold onto fuck boys or fuck girls. Your income is not where you want it to be because you don’t let yourself think clearly. You find yourself in soap operas, not even of your own making, instead of in aContinue reading “Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions”

You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama

You don’t need a heated argument with your significant other or those you love the most, you don’t need a heavy clash with your colleague, you don’t need to lose all your possessions or your health to live in an exciting though sober way. Give yourself permission to make your dream come true. No sacrifice to peaceContinue reading “You Can Recreate Yourself Without Drama”

Images, In Transition

A recurring image in a dream — or in meditation — might represent a quality in the future, as you move from one life chapter to another or are replacing one lifestyle with another. It will make sense from the new vantage point. Where you are now — just in between, familiar only with theContinue reading “Images, In Transition”

Closer to Radiant Health

Ask to be led to radiant health. Consciousness will start offering solutions. Acknowledge them. Then, do what you are being shown. Don’t stay in the browsing stage. Instead, follow up. Surprising and unusual paths are solutions too. Welcome them on your journey to radiant health. Maybe your heart needs just that ingredient to power yourContinue reading “Closer to Radiant Health”