Images, In Transition

Painting by Jess Franks. @

A recurring image in a dream — or in meditation — might represent a quality in the future, as you move from one life chapter to another or are replacing one lifestyle with another.

It will make sense from the new vantage point. Where you are now — just in between, familiar only with the past and wondering what the future will bring — it could be a gift that is for you to unwrap.

Could it be a symbol for a quality you could develop, or a quality you would love to experience? Could it be a clue to your balance and to your sense of wholeness or fullness? Could it be your next step? Could it be the enticement to put one foot in front of the other? Is it a healing dream? Is it an image of a blind spot perhaps, or a compliment to what you have been doing up to now? Is it a vitamin for the soul? Is it a catalyst for your new discoveries?

You can play with the vibration in the image, before you understand the message given to you. The subconscious will signal you more once you allow it.

22 October 2015

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