Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions

Have Confidence In Your Guidance! Your husband, your wife is not coming when you desperately hold onto fuck boys or fuck girls. Your income is not where you want it to be because you don’t let yourself think clearly. You find yourself in soap operas, not even of your own making, instead of in aContinue reading “Class – No Compromise, No Exceptions”

In Hot Water

When your gut urges you to do something, and your intellect tells you stories about why you shouldn’t, follow your gut. Your gut is closer to your conscience and intuition than your intellect will ever be. Let the intellect make sense of everything when you are relaxed and observant, not while you are in aContinue reading “In Hot Water”

The Daily Power of Love

If you don’t know how to help a person, send them love telepathically. You can do it silently too.¬† And please receive the kindness of others. A kinder world can only be realized by cooperation. The support of others will boost your belief in it. You don’t have to walk all alone. Once you areContinue reading “The Daily Power of Love”