The Daily Power of Love

Jams Winsor’s rose, Canada Day 2020. Thanks to Canadians, Canada is going to emerge as the leader of the future.

If you don’t know how to help a person, send them love telepathically. You can do it silently too. 

And please receive the kindness of others. A kinder world can only be realized by cooperation. The support of others will boost your belief in it. You don’t have to walk all alone.

Once you are safe in yourself, you will know when you are picking up red flags. Some people will not turn good and pure, regardless of how they put themselves forward and how much you wish for it or send them disarming vibes.

Be realistic, not cynical, but also welcoming of blessings. Pay more attention to friendly and centred people than to frustrating personalities. When you deal with the latter, move your mind to peaceful thoughts as soon as possible.


On 18 November 2014

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