Yes to Place

Watersheds, jaw dropping scenes of nature, even contained and tamed nature – in other words, gardens – can instill connection with and pride in the locality. Connection with and pride in the locality is what will heal the earth and help us rethink our power. It engages our love and makes us contribute with loveContinue reading “Yes to Place”

The Daily Power of Love

If you don’t know how to help a person, send them love telepathically. You can do it silently too.  And please receive the kindness of others. A kinder world can only be realized by cooperation. The support of others will boost your belief in it. You don’t have to walk all alone. Once you areContinue reading “The Daily Power of Love”

Taking In Beauty as a Spiritual Practice

Many years ago, my sister visited Thailand and mentioned to her travel partner how much I would enjoy the setting there and told me in an offhand way: “I am looking for you too”, implying that her filling herself up with beautiful impressions would somehow, on a telepathic level, reach me, and that her self-loveContinue reading “Taking In Beauty as a Spiritual Practice”