Yes to Place

Watersheds, jaw dropping scenes of nature, even contained and tamed nature – in other words, gardens – can instill connection with and pride in the locality. Connection with and pride in the locality is what will heal the earth and help us rethink our power. It engages our love and makes us contribute with loveContinue reading “Yes to Place”

Beauty Is Remembering…

It is not the earth plane that beats us up. The earth plane is incredibly nurturing and patient, full of pleasure and harmony. What beats us up is the world plane. What is meant by that is the manmade world, fabrications of the mind that have manifested, or are extending, into reality. That is whereContinue reading “Beauty Is Remembering…”

Heart Song On Full Moon

May the earth keep feeding and refreshing us.May the waters run freely and be healthy again.May the air we breathe become clean again.May the animals feel safe around us and be our friends again.May the people discover how to love and not harm. NJ13 June 2014 #fullmoon #June #fullmooninSagittarius