Nurture It Forward: EarthSends

One thing I can always rely on, for the last 17 years or so, when I started sending healing to our planet every Friday: Friday turns out good to great. Saturday is better. Yeah, I have been doing it that long. I plan to practise it for life. Friday brings heaven to earth every week.Continue reading “Nurture It Forward: EarthSends”

A Little Prosocial Calm

A little prosocial calm goes a long way. It is an attitude that will never go out of style. It can restore faith in humanity, and it can revive trust in yourself. It amplifies all your good qualities in the eyes of others, and it brings kindness to how you relate to yourself. Make useContinue reading “A Little Prosocial Calm”


Everything in nature is attached to each other. Everything in nature is about attachment. Attachment is a good thing. The problems start when you get attached to the unnatural world, to man-made principles, people who don’t have your best in mind, people who couldn’t care less if they harm you. Attachments to uninspiring activities andContinue reading “Attachment”

Heart Song On Full Moon

May the earth keep feeding and refreshing us.May the waters run freely and be healthy again.May the air we breathe become clean again.May the animals feel safe around us and be our friends again.May the people discover how to love and not harm. NJ13 June 2014 #fullmoon #June #fullmooninSagittarius