A Little Prosocial Calm

A little prosocial calm goes a long way. It is an attitude that will never go out of style. It can restore faith in humanity, and it can revive trust in yourself. It amplifies all your good qualities in the eyes of others, and it brings kindness to how you relate to yourself. Make useContinue reading “A Little Prosocial Calm”

The Gold of Love and the Brass of Self-Assertion

The phrase “I love you” is often used for reasons of seduction, self-centredness (“I love myself .. when you are around”), therapeutically (“I am feeling awkward and don’t know what else to say”). Maybe that is fine? It just does not mean what it says: “I love you. I care about YOU.” The person whoContinue reading “The Gold of Love and the Brass of Self-Assertion”

It Is Easy

Love is easy and natural. Love is not a challenge at all. What is a challenge is to ignore the power of unlovable mindsets, essentially unwholesome thought forms, and to be who you are – with or without the support of community. Sometimes groups succumb to false beliefs about what human “nature” is. A healthyContinue reading “It Is Easy”