We Idolize Those Who Treat Us Unwell (But We Respect Those Who Treat Us Well)

Just like the first great boyfriend who shows us what we have missed on other dates, or the first great girlfriend who lets you feel love instead of confusion, so can the politician who acts on vision and keeps his promise change our perception of what is benign and what is harm. Someone decent andContinue reading “We Idolize Those Who Treat Us Unwell (But We Respect Those Who Treat Us Well)”

The Law Of Consequences

One of the ugliest features in a culture is the demand for respect when no respect is given and no intention exists to give it, ever. In such an environment, respect can not establish itself. Beyond a thin veneer of behaviours that resemble respect and hide fear, there is nothing. One of the most beautifulContinue reading “The Law Of Consequences”

Actions Speak Louder than Words

I have finally understood why men are so eager to convince women of their qualities as a partner. Men have observed two things: that women have lists with items to check off, and that women can be talked out of being serious about those lists. So here is the thing: there is a list forContinue reading “Actions Speak Louder than Words”

Culture Hungering for Love

Those unaware of the deficit of love in their lives will always be drawn to extremist ideologies and, once lured in with the promise of power (power over others), will join a cult of hatred, seemingly at the drop of a hat. However sudden the attitudinal change appears to an onlooker, it is actually notContinue reading “Culture Hungering for Love”

It Is Easy

Love is easy and natural. Love is not a challenge at all. What is a challenge is to ignore the power of unlovable mindsets, essentially unwholesome thought forms, and to be who you are – with or without the support of community. Sometimes groups succumb to false beliefs about what human “nature” is. A healthyContinue reading “It Is Easy”

It’s Appreciation! The Key!

Appreciation is the innocent and “dear” aspect of love. It shows you what you truly love. And who. And here is something revealing: a person who is out to harm you or who doesn’t care whether you are well or not can not instill appreciation in you. Therefore, appreciation — more than desire, hormonal excitement,Continue reading “It’s Appreciation! The Key!”

Animal Being, In Romance

Have you ever noticed that the courtship between animals is a lot more stylish than ours? A display of abilities that are cool and fun – flying, dancing, singing, home building. Thought for the week: All males on this planet are wired to impress. The two-legged are no different. Men want to impress, love toContinue reading “Animal Being, In Romance”