Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November

I left home early this morning. Leaves of all shapes in golden and fire colours were scattered on the ground. The aroma of dry leaves and sunlit soil saturated the air. The sky was clear, a deep blue. It was a postcard pretty autumn day. In the first five minutes, I got an unforgettable view:Continue reading “Swans and Geese On a Sunlit Morning In November”

Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)

#thrivingnature #approveofthriving #resonance #goingup #endingthewar #coexistence What would you do, if no one changed? If your Mom, Dad, relatives, “women”, “men”, politicians, whatever group of people you wish could be someone else than who they are stayed exactly as they are? Would you still stay in your neighbourhood? Would you stay in your job? WouldContinue reading “Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)”

Easy World

In an easy worldyou are impressed by impressive peopledrawn to loving peoplehonoured by people who recognize youadored by people who wish you well In a difficult worldyou are impressed by potential that may or may not fruitdrawn to unavailable peoplehonoured by people who see economic or sexual value to youadored by people who don’t careContinue reading “Easy World”

Culture Hungering for Love

Those unaware of the deficit of love in their lives will always be drawn to extremist ideologies and, once lured in with the promise of power (power over others), will join a cult of hatred, seemingly at the drop of a hat. However sudden the attitudinal change appears to an onlooker, it is actually notContinue reading “Culture Hungering for Love”

Because We Have to Evolve

Unfortunately, culture is not accustomed to nonalcoholic or postalcoholic philosophies and arts and very ungenerous to the brilliance of nonalcoholic thinkers and artists. That will change in the future. NJ 23 June 2019