Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)

Eliseo Meifren (1859 -1940)

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What would you do, if no one changed? If your Mom, Dad, relatives, “women”, “men”, politicians, whatever group of people you wish could be someone else than who they are stayed exactly as they are? Would you still stay in your neighbourhood? Would you stay in your job? Would you wear the same clothes? Which skills would you want to acquire? Which shifts would you dare to do today, or in a few months — if everyone you know stayed exactly the same as they are now?

What about accepting that they will stay as they are?

How will that affect you? Can you make peace with the idea that they most likely will not change, that no one will change in the outside, if you fight them, because you are afraid of them, feel better than them, want to curse them, and that instead it is you who has to open up space on the inside and give up the war inside you?

That energy that you gain from ending arguments and not letting triggers dictate your actions may be ample enough to discover what it is that you resonate with. Maybe you can love your gratitude and your peace and your path and your attractions and your growth?

Most spiritual teachers have told us that love overcomes all reactivity, all fear, all judgement, all disagreement, that love heals.

What about the idea that many love the best they know how and that perhaps they put the opinions of others, or even their own unfelt pain, above their own ability to respect and love themselves?

If that is so, maybe you can be the first to love and respect yourself, regardless of what your experience has been.

It is loving to detach from those who only notice you if you play into their expectations and projections, but not as the whole human being that you are. You don’t have to stay involved in their game.

Instead, approve of yourself, your plans, your heart, and make your life work. And let everyone make their own choices.

Divine energy is about renewal. Nature shows by example that growth and shifts are part of its makeup. That it will not stop being itself because of the attitudes or the loving abilities of some people in a certain era. Nature responds to love and skill, but it regenerates even after ignorant treatment and neglect. It does not give up or abandon itself because of human ego. Nature will just not get pulled down (so far down!) to human ego.

Perhaps you can think about it. No one can stop you from emulating it.


27 May 2020

One thought on “Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)

  1. Yes we can do all those if we make that a conscious choice to. For many years I found it a challenge to give myself love and acceptance. In large part this was due to how I was raised. When one hears from as far back as it can be remembered negative thoughts reinforced it can be a challenge. I finally came to the realization that I am not defined by my childhood. I am not defined by anything except for comes inside of me. That decision was a huge one for me. Seeing that irregardless of my past I can accept myself as I am. Then, step by step every day, I began having genuine appreciation and gratitude for myself. That in turn brought up within. I transformed those parts of my past into strength, character, compassion and most of all love. I began to bloom. I continue to bloom. This isn’t dependent agreements or disagreements. It is about my inner work. I discover and See more fully and deeply the sincere deep and genuine unconditional love and acceptance in others because I opened to this about myself. I will always grow and bloom. That is apart of life and I embrace it.

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