Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)

#thrivingnature #approveofthriving #resonance #goingup #endingthewar #coexistence What would you do, if no one changed? If your Mom, Dad, relatives, “women”, “men”, politicians, whatever group of people you wish could be someone else than who they are stayed exactly as they are? Would you still stay in your neighbourhood? Would you stay in your job? WouldContinue reading “Bloom (And Do Not Interfere)”

A Little Prosocial Calm

A little prosocial calm goes a long way. It is an attitude that will never go out of style. It can restore faith in humanity, and it can revive trust in yourself. It amplifies all your good qualities in the eyes of others, and it brings kindness to how you relate to yourself. Make useContinue reading “A Little Prosocial Calm”

The Daily Power of Love

If you don’t know how to help a person, send them love telepathically. You can do it silently too.  And please receive the kindness of others. A kinder world can only be realized by cooperation. The support of others will boost your belief in it. You don’t have to walk all alone. Once you areContinue reading “The Daily Power of Love”

Make the Good Famous

What a pleasant surprise when you hear a previously almost unknown musician or band on the radio or while walking through a mall. You have known them for a few years, because you love music. Not because you gravitate to “alternative”, but because you gravitate to quality music. Though now mainstream music covers hoes andContinue reading “Make the Good Famous”

It Is Easy

Love is easy and natural. Love is not a challenge at all. What is a challenge is to ignore the power of unlovable mindsets, essentially unwholesome thought forms, and to be who you are – with or without the support of community. Sometimes groups succumb to false beliefs about what human “nature” is. A healthyContinue reading “It Is Easy”

Healing Circle on 12 June 2020

We are meeting in our healing circle for the well-being of our planet and our waters and the well-being of the waters within us and within all life. We humans are the animal that has the wonderful ability to savour well-being and to amplify that well-being. With our minds, we can do amazing things, riseContinue reading “Healing Circle on 12 June 2020”

Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place

Our next Friday circle will be a tribute to “Just for today, I will honour my elders and teachers” (reiki rule). My posts follow that principle quite regularly, because I honour a spiritual or creative ancestor on his/her birthday, in some cases, a sibling, and in rare cases, a spiritual descendant – because I seeContinue reading “Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place”

Circle On 8 May 2020

#ReikiCircle #Friday #Gaia It is Friday in the beautiful month of May. We are meeting for our healing session, giving thanks to Earth, our beautiful home, to our own more and more beautiful homes, to human service to healing. We have been given all the resources for our well-being and happy steps. Everyone meant toContinue reading “Circle On 8 May 2020”