It Is Easy

Love is easy and natural. Love is not a challenge at all.

What is a challenge is to ignore the power of unlovable mindsets, essentially unwholesome thought forms, and to be who you are – with or without the support of community.

Sometimes groups succumb to false beliefs about what human “nature” is.

A healthy community affirms the expression of what is innate, sustainable and happy: which is to love and to care. It is intelligent too, because cooperation promotes peace, a sense of belonging and mental health, and it has worked for millennia and in many parts of the world.

You might live in a place that imposes other values, or find yourself on your own. You still have the power to influence, because people flock towards safety and sanity, respect and tenderness.

It is easy to love. It is easy to care. It is easy to connect. Don’t buy into other programs that alienate you from who you are.

25 February 2015

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