Earth Send On 23 December 2022

Please join our meditation for the well-being of all life and our Earth Send. Due to the extreme weather – snow blizzard, intense wind and the risk of losing power any moment -, my gadget use is minimal today. I am uplifting our Circle without sharing too many words. May your gratitude and your heart’sContinue reading “Earth Send On 23 December 2022”

Earth Send On 9 December 2022

We are meeting in meditation for the utter well-being of all life and in our Friday reiki send. We are grounding ourselves in unity, sanity and harmony. We are sending our gratitude to everyone and everything that has been supporting us lately, over the years and for a very long time: the elements, the earthContinue reading “Earth Send On 9 December 2022”

Earth Send On 25 November 2022

We are meeting in our meditation for the well-being of all life and in our Friday reiki send. Reiki will flow to all who asked for it and are ready to receive and to all who participate.  Can you believe that it is the last Friday in November and that we are heading to theContinue reading “Earth Send On 25 November 2022”

Earth Send On 18 November 2022

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send.  Reiki flows to everyone who asked for it and can receive it and to the participants of this circle.  In Ontario, autumn has wrapped up fast. This week, we had our first snow. According toContinue reading “Earth Send On 18 November 2022”

Earth Send On 23 September 2022

Thanks to all who have already started to send reiki and love today. Our circle for the well-being of all life on earth is on until this Friday is over. A friendly new season to everyone. A lot of changes are in the air. Even if you have sift through the stuff you want toContinue reading “Earth Send On 23 September 2022”

Earth Send On 9 September 2022

We are meeting in our weekly ReikiSend and in meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. We are centering ourselves in sanity and unity and peace. I am sending a big thank you to all the people who have been participating in our Friday circles since June 2005: I bow to your constancyContinue reading “Earth Send On 9 September 2022”

Earth Send On 13 May 2022

We are meeting in this Earth Send, holding a vibration of well-being, comfort and peace for all beings on earth.  Ease yourself into meditation by acknowledging everything that you are grateful for. Start with the rewarding practice of reiki or with the calming and creativity boosting practice of meditation. Because of the commitment to your innerContinue reading “Earth Send On 13 May 2022”

Earth Send on 6 May 2022

We are meeting in our reiki send and Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth. Let your gratitude bubble up with all the blessings that you enjoy: this beautiful season of dynamic growth in the land (and if you live in the Southern hemisphere, the slow and comforting season of harvest), yourContinue reading “Earth Send on 6 May 2022”

Earth Send On 15 April 2022

We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth and our reiki send. Drop your gratitude into our circle. It will grow from being heard, absorbed, felt and appreciated.  At a time of great stress and stress-driven awakening in the world, many of us feel out of sync with the collectiveContinue reading “Earth Send On 15 April 2022”

Guidance Is What You Love

Your guidance talks to you all the time by showing you what you love. It has been said before that guidance whispers. But maybe it talks to you through your well-being, and you have not learned to value your own well-being more than noise, hostility, certain attractions and conflicts, the fear of missing out, hopesContinue reading “Guidance Is What You Love”

Family Culture And Its Long Ramifications

A lot of people forget, or don’t dare to look into it deeply enough, that extremism of whatever form can be traced back to childhood, namely the experiences of abuse and neglect in childhood. The neglected and abused young person will go to a source of love when and in whatever way it offers itself.Continue reading “Family Culture And Its Long Ramifications”

Born On This Day: Solomon Burke

The legendary Solomon Burke would have been 81 (or 85) on this day. He felt that the purpose of music and the purpose of his life was to broadcast the message of love. Here is his most iconic song that even the generation of our grandchildren will listen to. Because the “truth is shining rightContinue reading “Born On This Day: Solomon Burke”

Love Of Living Relationships

It is safe to say that almost everybody loves the land, the water, the green life that becomes food and some aspects of the familiar culture, and almost no one loves the rules in society set up by groups who were more assertive and more successful at stealing things meant for all, in short, whatContinue reading “Love Of Living Relationships”

Sanity In Relationships And In Life

Sanity is a great good. Sanity is very underrated too. Given the choice between “being swept away” and sanity, choose sanity. Because good love only finds you when you are sane. While in an imbalanced state, the affair that will find you might soothe you, or appear to be what you want, even distract youContinue reading “Sanity In Relationships And In Life”

It’s Right to Like, and Promote, the Good Ones

The people who keep dumping on you do it because it is their habit and because they are not moved by friendship or are unable of relating. Time spent waiting for them to change their approach or to “grow up” is time wasted. When you raise a child, you learn how long it takes toContinue reading “It’s Right to Like, and Promote, the Good Ones”

December’s Custom Of Spreading Love

Treat yourself to well-being on this day. Today is a good day for gratitude. Today is a good day for connection. If you are social distancing this year, connect with all you love through your heart centre and send them a sincere blessing for the year on the way. May everything that is good inContinue reading “December’s Custom Of Spreading Love”

A Week For Love In December

May the holidays refresh you and make you smile a lot. Use this time on what you need: a lucky break from routines, the opportunity to spend time on something that restores you or with good people, to observe the sacred in the land (post solstice), in the collective consciousness (festivities), in the generosity ofContinue reading “A Week For Love In December”

One On One

The attempt to make everyone happy stems from a desire for love. Ironically, people pleasers almost never get the love they seek and hardly any individual attention or one-on-one interest. The reaction from outside mirrors how they operate: not from their own values, but from the value of gaining wide approval. It is when youContinue reading “One On One”