The Courage To Create

Digital artwork by Freepik

Creativity comes from the heart.

People who innovate and have new ideas are receiving impulses from a place they may not be able to describe, but that place, or realm, moved their heart.

People who play the same old tapes, regurgitate contents that they have already read or heard before, still have to discover the heart. The funny thing is, a heart is beating in their chest. They made the choice to overestimate processes that have already circulated, or what remains of those processes, rather than seek a solution to the topic they reflect on.

While every person has the ability to receive fresh impulses and act on inspiration, the ingrained habit of parroting stuff one can hardly be sure about and of disconnecting from the heart makes it harder.

Take breaks from this habit.

Some people call such a habit overthinking, when, actually, it is underthinking, not giving yourself permission to form thoughts from your experience, or spontaneously from movement, from a question about a need or limitation or something that needs urgent attention, or from revelation.

Refresh your mind by recalling what you love. That will separate you from the broadcast of information that is not useful to you and to your situation. Your inner wisdom with its imagination and savvy can emerge after you bring down the noise.

Few people have been taught to listen to how they feel and to wonder about what they think. In the process of discovering our inner world, we notice that the answers are there, that choosing an approach that has not been applied, or that we may not have had the courage for, so far is not too difficult, and that detecting intuitive hunches (“This!.. Not that..”) can save our life and our sanity and lead to findings that may be unusual and astonishing to the rehashing mind, yet infuse life and originality into our perception.

Give creativity the green light: try what I just shared.

3 April 2023

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