Looking Out With a Pure Heart

When you look out to the world with a pure heart, you understand… that many theories don’t work, not even temporarily. That theories are being used to avoid suffering, to not feel, for self-defense, and because they are convenient. And that the only two keys that let you cope with everything are compassion and trust,Continue reading “Looking Out With a Pure Heart”

Explore And Grow What Lights You Up

Sometimes you have to do things over and over again, until you are satisfied with the result. But that is never a problem, if you like doing it, if you like the way you spend your time. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. If you are not good at it but you are veryContinue reading “Explore And Grow What Lights You Up”

From the Heart To the Tongue

Every sacred word was formed by a thought of the heart and the movement of the tongue.What the eyes see, the ears hear, and the nose breathes, they tell the heart.It is the heart that brings forth the flood of words, and it is the tongue that repeats every thought of the heart. — InscriptionContinue reading “From the Heart To the Tongue”