Looking Out With a Pure Heart

When you look out to the world with a pure heart, you understand… that many theories don’t work, not even temporarily. That theories are being used to avoid suffering, to not feel, for self-defense, and because they are convenient. And that the only two keys that let you cope with everything are compassion and trust, trust in resilience – humanity’s and your own – and trust in a higher energy or in life itself. (And maybe life and higher energy are the same thing, after all.)

It is easy for me to spot the people whose hearts are pure. None of them avoid pain, or boredom, or their shadow, or heart-breaks, or not-knowing, or even helplessness in the face of something very disturbing. All are open to joy, naturally kind and giving and rather other-directed. They are the spiritual leaders of today.

I don’t recall when I was last impressed by people who do not feel. It must have been a long time ago. Sometimes I irritate so-called new age “teachers” by being impressed by subtler qualities than they are. To add salt to their irritation, I will spell it out: it is because I know better. It is not what they think it is, that I do not know better.

I am younger than most of them, because I started my path earlier, and I committed my life to something bigger than ego or self-glorification. Age is no issue. It is how you have lived your life. The profundity you bring to your daily life is what gives you insight – over time. And, there is a noticeable difference between someone who has an answer and someone who blows more questions into the wind. The person with the answer will give you the answer.

If you want a teacher, look for more than entertainment, look for the one with the answer. The former will distract you, the latter will encourage you to connect with your feelings and find your own answers and meaning.

13 June 2015

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