The Courage To Create

Creativity comes from the heart. People who innovate and have new ideas are receiving impulses from a place they may not be able to describe, but that place, or realm, moved their heart. People who play the same old tapes, regurgitate contents that they have already read or heard before, still have to discover theContinue reading “The Courage To Create”


I walked through a mall today, and a song by Janis Joplin started to play. Isn’t it time again that women in music can sing? My oh my, she was something. It is too bad that she lived so recklessly. But in music, who can hold a candle to her? Ladies, please show your gifts…Continue reading “Prowess”

Going Forward

The unconscious mind is almost always smarter than the conscious mind. Why is that? Maybe we grasp a situation through the body in a much fuller way than through the strictly logical brain. Maybe our thought patterns are somewhat limiting too… But our physique with all its senses pick up what we can’t fathom andContinue reading “Going Forward”

Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too

I find it good to challenge and question everything that offends us, our love and sense, in a world that is losing both. I find it good to add beauty and encouragement to all things that elevate us, that promote our love and sense, for the (less evident) part of the world that has neverContinue reading “Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too”