Enhance the Good, Enhance the Beautiful

It is always possible to beautify your life. If you love it, you will do just that. It starts with attention. Look long enough until you see the elements of beauty in your life. Then enhance them. It is very easy to complain about what we have been handed, about situations we can not agreeContinue reading “Enhance the Good, Enhance the Beautiful”

What To Take Seriously.

Music.Not opinions. You never regret the former, and almost always regret the latter. … Here is the brief explanation for it: In order to catch our attention, music has to be beautiful and offer a harmony that improves our well-being. People opinion’s don’t have to pass a beauty test. On the contrary, the more theyContinue reading “What To Take Seriously.”

Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too

I find it good to challenge and question everything that offends us, our love and sense, in a world that is losing both. I find it good to add beauty and encouragement to all things that elevate us, that promote our love and sense, for the (less evident) part of the world that has neverContinue reading “Love for Love’s Sake; Protest Out Of Love Too”