Earth Send On 2 June 2023

Welcome to the new month of June, welcome to our meditation for the well-being of all life, welcome to our Earth Send. We are bathing each other in reiki and in heartfelt blessings for our evolutions. We are sending reiki to everyone on our personal reiki recipient list and to everyone on the group’s reikiContinue reading “Earth Send On 2 June 2023”

Earth Send On 3 February 2023

Sowing the Seeds Of Love We are sending out our gratitude to life and to the conditions that let us live and live better than before — before we start this Earth Send. Assume for a moment that you have taken a lot for granted, and to an objective observer entering your world, you seemContinue reading “Earth Send On 3 February 2023”

Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit

A new lunar year, the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are representations of the arts, gentleness, resourcefulness and, if you read between the lines, of peace and prosperity and prosperity through peace. According to this interpretation, the coming months should be more constructive than 2022, marked by higher discernment, the opportunity to get involvedContinue reading “Welcome To The Year Of The Rabbit”

Earth Send On 18 November 2022

We are meeting in our Friday meditation for the well-being of all life on earth and in our reiki send.  Reiki flows to everyone who asked for it and can receive it and to the participants of this circle.  In Ontario, autumn has wrapped up fast. This week, we had our first snow. According toContinue reading “Earth Send On 18 November 2022”

Earth Send On 25 March 2022

On this wonderful day in early spring, we are meeting in our Friday circle for the well-being of all life on earth. May this ReikiSend refresh all who are participating and boost processes of healing in all our recipients and the communities around them. We are giving thanks to the unity in nature that weContinue reading “Earth Send On 25 March 2022”

Healing Circle On 31 December 2021

We are meeting in the circle on the last Friday of the year and the last day of the year. Although this year will be remembered by most people as a particularly challenging one, I am sure that you had some highlights, wonderful events, insights and associations that you want to keep, recoveries or healingContinue reading “Healing Circle On 31 December 2021”

Work Hard And Be Nice

Oh, I didn’t quite expect that my pause from the virtual world would end up being so long. I aim to write more, and to reach out more, in the new year 2022. All the reasons why I chose to be in the real world more in 2021 are valid, still. However, there is aContinue reading “Work Hard And Be Nice”

March Equinox In 2019

Enter a marvy new season. Spring is here. At last. Happy Equinox. May positive surprises make you smile all season long. May good ideas come into your mind so you can manifest them. And, may your circle be supportive and fun and like family. I have said it before, I will say it again: thisContinue reading “March Equinox In 2019”

Dance Into 2021

You have already reviewed 2020. Enough of that. You are quite aware of what you are taking into 2021. Aren’t you? Today is this year’s last opportunity to let go of stuff that you are leaving behind or using as compost. You can fight with the task of cleaning out your rooms with an attitudeContinue reading “Dance Into 2021”

December’s Custom Of Spreading Love

Treat yourself to well-being on this day. Today is a good day for gratitude. Today is a good day for connection. If you are social distancing this year, connect with all you love through your heart centre and send them a sincere blessing for the year on the way. May everything that is good inContinue reading “December’s Custom Of Spreading Love”

Rely On Love, But Don’t Take It For Granted

“Too many people realize at the end of their lives that they’ve taken for granted those who really love them.” – Lesley Blume Come to your senses before you lose those who truly love you. Wizen up before you grow old. Cut through the preoccupation with meaningless irritations. Be the rare person who appreciates loveContinue reading “Rely On Love, But Don’t Take It For Granted”