Growing Food By the Moon

Useful insight for growers and for star gazers who want to live in harmony with the seasons: The first full moon in May — full moon in Scorpio / Vesak — is the start of a vigorous growth season. (If you are higher up in the North, the frost is gone after that full moonContinue reading “Growing Food By the Moon”

The Urban Homestead In Pasadena

“I decided to take a stand against the ills of society, tackling all aspects of our life. After food came energy, then transportation, water and waste, the whole walk. … If we stop being negative and try to do the right thing, we can do something positive. We must say to ourselves that we canContinue reading “The Urban Homestead In Pasadena”

Edible Back Yard

#local #organic #urbanfarming #foodabundance #edible #smallspace A beautiful example of what you can do with a small patch of land. The Dervaes family in LA raise 90% of their food on their 1/10 acre backyard and sell the excess to local restaurants.


A Montreal-based network for gardeners in every locale who want to participate, share their surplus, swap plants, connect, exchange.. You can be the first one in your area to sign up and draw more growers and people with a green thumb in your area to this network.