Every Motivation Is a Seed.

Think of all motivations as seeds. What if your motivation is to bring healing? You will reap what you have sowed: inner peace, contentment, ease and harmony. And if your motivation is to aggravate, annoy and provocate, you will also live with the consequences, with the appropriate responses to what you have sowed. So don’tContinue reading “Every Motivation Is a Seed.”

You Find What You Seek. (And What Do You Seek?)

What you seek, you will find, and you will find more of it than you imagine. If you want to discover outrage, it will be there. If you want to discover love, it will be there. If you want to discover instability, it will be there. If you want to discover stability, it will beContinue reading “You Find What You Seek. (And What Do You Seek?)”

How Manifestation Ticks

Bring to mind all you do well. There is a music to it, music that flows through you, into all that thrives from your touch. Can you hear it? Tune yourself to it when you do something you haven’t done before. Your knew-how is your know-how is your will-know-how: let it move you on thisContinue reading “How Manifestation Ticks”


I am dealing with a few characters who remind me to firm up my boundaries, and I had an interesting insight in my meditation a few hours ago: Men (and maybe women too) who understand that they can not be heroes — because that option is not available, or not attractive, to them — will choose to be villainsContinue reading “Villains”

Reader Appreciation

Just before my 100th post on this blog, John Wienke let me know: “I love your new blog! It’s full of positivity, beauty, inspiration, healing, and love. It is a true work of art! A masterpiece! I’m looking forward to reading more of your future blog posts! When I wake up, the first thing IContinue reading “Reader Appreciation”

Edible Back Yard

#local #organic #urbanfarming #foodabundance #edible #smallspace A beautiful example of what you can do with a small patch of land. The Dervaes family in LA raise 90% of their food on their 1/10 acre backyard and sell the excess to local restaurants. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCmTJkZy0rM&fbclid=IwAR3jNR5r76Hu9E6J2mIHBXhZ67i-z2XcXnUyHMHpveaDg8HkS6VE4wmUpGo