Gustav Klimt And The Habitat Of Art

Artistic Osmosis: From Appreciation To Skill “Countless colours and tones of colours radiate at the same time with mellow and sharp, sweet and savoury scents.” Gustav Klimt, born on this day in 1862 Oh yes, that is how summer feels, smells, sounds and looks to me! Interesting fact about the painter, apart from being aContinue reading “Gustav Klimt And The Habitat Of Art”

Sailing Through a Major Crisis

A situation like the one we are living through since 2020 asks two basic questions: – What will I do to bring more joy into my life? – What will I do to bring more joy to other beings? It is a pity that only a minority of people took the time to wonder whatContinue reading “Sailing Through a Major Crisis”

A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021

to all my readers and bloggers whose writings I enjoy. My Thanksgiving cactus has opened its first blossoms. Last year around this time, the plant was young and tiny. In December 2019, I noticed small buds. They grew to almost the size of sewing pinheads. Then, the plant changed course. Where the buds had appeared,Continue reading “A Satisfying And Friendly New 2021”

“Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings”

We are blas√© about so many things until we lose them, and we are unfamiliar with so many things until we receive them. The noticing of blessings is a soft path to awareness: the awareness that your life is being supported, that your actions have consequences, that your mind creates meaning, that your feelings guideContinue reading ““Just For Today, I Will Appreciate All My Blessings””

Viva Carlos

A memory of a Santana concert in 2018: Between the songs, Carlos shared highly uplifting ideas about how a collective choice for love can impact the conditions in which we live, heal even unwell situations, make those we come in contact with think in fresh ways, find solutions, stop engaging in harm, and how itContinue reading “Viva Carlos”

Random Act of Kindness in January 2020

I was the recipient of a random act of kindness this week. Not only did it shatter the idea that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”¬†– because the person ahead of me did pay for my lunch, for reasons that seemed utterly spontaneous – , it also raised my regard for myContinue reading “Random Act of Kindness in January 2020”

From Appreciation to Mastery

Eating does not make you a cook.Participating in a workshop does not make you an expert.Reading does not make you a writer. And yet, you have to receive before you master anything and then apply what you have learned in the way you are capable of. The more you practice, the better you get atContinue reading “From Appreciation to Mastery”

Reader Appreciation

Just before my 100th post on this blog, John Wienke let me know: “I love your new blog! It’s full of positivity, beauty, inspiration, healing, and love. It is a true work of art! A masterpiece! I’m looking forward to reading more of your future blog posts! When I wake up, the first thing IContinue reading “Reader Appreciation”

It’s Appreciation! The Key!

Appreciation is the innocent and “dear” aspect of love. It shows you what you truly love. And who. And here is something revealing: a person who is out to harm you or who doesn’t care whether you are well or not can not instill appreciation in you. Therefore, appreciation — more than desire, hormonal excitement,Continue reading “It’s Appreciation! The Key!”

Just for Today, May Our Teachers Feel Our Love

On this Friday, our teachers, people who have gone before us and made a way for us, are getting abundant appreciation and as much as they can take in. May they be in bliss on this day. We are including: our reiki teachers, of course, everyone committed to raising their children well and with skill,Continue reading “Just for Today, May Our Teachers Feel Our Love”