Viva Carlos

A memory of a Santana concert in 2018: Between the songs, Carlos shared highly uplifting ideas about how a collective choice for love can impact the conditions in which we live, heal even unwell situations, make those we come in contact with think in fresh ways, find solutions, stop engaging in harm, and how itContinue reading “Viva Carlos”

Carlos’ Words

“You know, where we are today is instead of giving somebody a fish or teaching somebody how to fish, let us investigate who owns the lake. Keep it pristine. Don’t pollute it. Don’t trash your water, your mind, your body.” Carlā™”s Santana, born on 20 July 1947 I appreciate the food for thought and theContinue reading “Carlos’ Words”

Carlos’ 70th Birthday

It is clear that Carlos Santana has done more for the unity, harmony and well-being in our world, more for the rise of love and bliss, even the identification with them as guiding principles for life … than all new thought teachers, psychologists, philosophers, new agers, many others who declare good principles but come shortContinue reading “Carlos’ 70th Birthday”

Tend to the Foundation

You can get rid of things in your home or at your desk that feel like downers (clutter or useless) and shortly after lose energy vampires in human form too. What happens energetically is not easy to explain, but they pick up that you aren’t volunteering anymore to feed their emptiness. Support yourself first. ThisContinue reading “Tend to the Foundation”

Be a Lover. Bond In the Good.

For May Day: #romanceinlove #loveinromanceĀ  At one of his recent concerts, Carlos Santana said many healing truths that made me approve of myself and many of my decisions a lot more. I was very moved by the synergy within the band and how they give their music to the highest good of all. Because itContinue reading “Be a Lover. Bond In the Good.”