New moon in Cancer

Happy new moon in Cancer. New moons are the most cleansing days of every moon cycle. You can benefit from that by giving your body a digestive break, by cleaning objects that need cleaning, by cleaning up your house. Cancer is the astrological archetype most connected to “home” and family “stuff”. Today is an excellentContinue reading “New moon in Cancer”

Tend to the Foundation

You can get rid of things in your home or at your desk that feel like downers (clutter or useless) and shortly after lose energy vampires in human form too. What happens energetically is not easy to explain, but they pick up that you aren’t volunteering anymore to feed their emptiness. Support yourself first. ThisContinue reading “Tend to the Foundation”

What can you do to bring more happiness to your family?

Do that! You will not only stay out of trouble by making harmony and ease in the home your priority. Toxic people will stay away from you – because they don’t know what to do with someone so constructive – and their bullshit will not reach you at all. The benefits from that decision willContinue reading “What can you do to bring more happiness to your family?”

Keep Your Home, Daughter of the Earth

After a long journey,home feels so good, so welcoming,so refreshing yet fully familiar. After the long journey of the mind,you arrive at home again,your innate spirituality,your belonging to mother Earth. She gives you the same welcomeand comfort and sense of sanitythat all your travels couldn’t— because she is home. Why would you changefor a trip,orContinue reading “Keep Your Home, Daughter of the Earth”

Home Is the Body That Holds Your Heart

After every long trip, coming home feels familiar, satisfying and floods you with the love you have put into every detail of your life. The same applies when you drop into your body, after being on a spiritual journey for a long, long time. All the treasures you have sought, or admired in the outside,Continue reading “Home Is the Body That Holds Your Heart”

Environmental Affirmation

Surround yourself with the symbols of the feelings you want to feel. What you surround yourself with and the objects you place in strategic spots stimulate feelings and can be potent reminders of how you want to feel, as you go through your day. Although the power is not in “the stuff” itself, your subconsciousContinue reading “Environmental Affirmation”