New moon in Cancer

Painting by Kim Lordier. Discover her luminous, highly appealing art at

Happy new moon in Cancer.

New moons are the most cleansing days of every moon cycle. You can benefit from that by giving your body a digestive break, by cleaning objects that need cleaning, by cleaning up your house. Cancer is the astrological archetype most connected to “home” and family “stuff”.

Today is an excellent day for detox teas and infusions. It is also a good time to eat fruit only, or maybe go on a 1 day fast.

Moon in Cancer affects the breasts, and to a lesser extent, the upper stomach and the heart. Castor oil packs on your chest are going to have maximum effect today. They are very soothing and a pleasant way to relax and to take care of your body.

Pamper yourself with music for the heart. (On Carlos Santana’s birthday, I recommend him.) Give yourself a lot of water. Give all your plants a lot of water. Avoid stress on this day. Find some “me time”. Lift yourself up with positive memories and thoughts about how you can make more of them.

Savour this glorious summer day. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the people you love.


20 July 2020

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