New Moon In March, New Moon In Pisces: Align And Welcome The Good

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Happy new moon, in Pisces.

Approaching new moon, help your body rid itself off metabolic waste and dirt, and clean up your desk and your home. Cleaning with water is so much easier in the last week before new moon than during the rest of the month, and easiest on new moon. Why not go with what is easy? Do your laundry. Clean up your kitchen, your bathroom, your car, your basement, your workshop, your purse — anything or everything that needs cleaning.

In order to lift your mood and wake up your zest for life and reassure yourself that you “can do this!”, start by clearing out the spaces that you inhabit. Perhaps letting go of 20% of your possessions is not what you are ready to do before spring arrives. So neaten up your place. Make it feel unencumbered. Let the sunlight in. Let fresh air into your rooms. Maybe you will make up your mind and get rid off stuff a bit later.

To refresh your home is to refresh yourself. Few people state or admit it, but chaos around us signals to us overwhelm and disorganisation that affect both our attitude and our vitality. Cleanliness and the easy flow of energy and a felt sense of comfort and order are what we all appreciate. There was a time when I was not awake to the link between how we live and how we feel, but I woke up. I woke up after counselling countless clients and plenty of trial and error of my own. If you wonder whether I am cleaning on this new moon, I can reply with a whole-hearted, Of course! (I am my first client!)

Yes, we can ignore the most auspicious times for the activities we have to do… Yes, you can take a break from everything and not declutter or clean or fast. However, it — getting rid of unwanted stuff — is ridiculously easy now. Once you observe and compare, you will detect with how little effort you get fantastic results. Why not take advantage of it and make the lunar calendar work for you, reap amazing results, experience the connection with the web of life and feel fortunate to be in the here and now?

The perfect time to get rid of the nasty stuff that weakens and slows down your body and blocks the absorption of nutrients is now. The perfect time to clean up your home is now. Now is on new moon… or in the week leading to new moon.

Please share the practices that keep you well and grateful and efficient too. Someone will apply your information and be grateful for the reminder. Do it for that someone.

New moons are about maximum detox, while full moons are about maximum absorption. 

So take care of your deficiencies, of your nutrition, nutrient and micronutrient intake and of your mental diet when the moon is waxing and full; and assist your body in cleaning itself when the moon is waning and new.

The full moon is known to shorten and disrupt a lot of people’s sleep, which leaves them crankier on the following day. Waking up under the bright moonlight can offer a wild intuitive hit as well or a solution to a question the person has been asking.

The new moon, on the other hand, provides hours of darkness for restful sleep; people wake up refreshed and in a better mood, energized to take on the day, get things done and take in new information. 

New moon can be a time when the body takes what it needs — sleep. Nowadays, many of us are sleep-deprived in one way or another. Give the body what it wants. Veg out and sleep in a little longer, and you will have more spark in the day time. A lot of self-repair happens as you sleep, especially when you sleep a solid number of hours. “Nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t fix” is a motto for a reason.

Many women are attuned to the moon and its cycle. Women menstruate with the moon cycle; and apart from the menstrual cycle, there is also a lunar fertility cycle. The menstrual cycle is a woman’s primary fertility cycle. The position of the moon when you were born is what determines the secondary, lunar fertility cycle. Both cycles can be of rather similar length, so they can overlap, but they don’t have to, as they are independent from each other.

If, for example, you were born on a new moon, every new moon will be your peak fertility in your lunar fertility cycle — to be precise, the window is 4 days before and a half day after your peak — , and you can conceive a child with ease. If you don’t wish to get pregnant, use precautions, because you are almost as likely to get pregnant as when you are most fertile in your menstrual cycle.

The new moon in Pisces affects the feet. Dedicate your self-care to your feet. Choose one or several from these possibilities:

Before you go to sleep, paint the soles of your feet with iodine.

Or apply a herb detox heat patch. In order to find a good one, experiment with a few. The quality of these still rather unusual remedies is pretty diverse. Years ago, I had a great experience with one; I woke up without symptoms, and the pains in my small joints were gone. I used those detox pads primarily to keep my body warm during the night and to sleep through. If you are a person who sweats a lot, or has a high body temperature, I would not recommend them. I do not know whether they rev up metabolism, as promised, but they do rev up circulation in your feet, they stimulate the immune system, and they keep your feet and your whole body warm. The benefits are similar to tiger balm or heat rub, though more intense.

Dry brush your soles in the morning, to boost the blood flow in your feet.

Give some attention to your feet. Take a foot bath with magnesium rich Epsom salt, if you like. Take care of your toenails. An economical, clean, great remedy for your nails is colourless iodine, yodo blanco. You can paint your toenails with it to strengthen your nails and kill off infections and nail fungus. Once your nails have absorbed it, you can paint your toenails with your favourite nail polish and do your usual nail care.

Remove all dead skin and calluses from your feet.

Moisturize and pamper your feet with a high quality oil or cream.

Ask your love for a foot massage. Return the favour. The soles, the ankles and the front of our feet are full of refloxogical points. Focus on the zones that represent the organs in the body that have bothered you lately.

A luxurious but widely available and low cost treat for your feet is castor oil. Castor oil is used sparingly; the oil has such a consistency that only little is needed. (Nice for all who don’t like gooey textures on their skin.) But if you are on your feet for many hours of the day and your feet hurt and are tired, a thicker application of castor oil, wrapped in plastic or old socks or both, will draw all stress and tension out of your feet and make you walk like you are 12 again. Apply before a long day, or better yet, before sleep.

Castor oil draws out impurities, repairs the skin and the tissue underneath it, and it activates self-healing processes. It is a useful remedy to keep in the home that can replace many over the counter ointments and many skin, hair, nail and joint care products. I use it often. I find it simple and close to magical in what it accomplishes.

The Moon in Pisces affects the psyche more than other moons do. Pisces is the astrological archetype of compassion and of collective wisdom. Sympathetic understanding, a loving disposition, the motivation to help people and to unite humanity in unforgettable events and in the appreciation of beauty, sacred observation and some form of romance is what the archetype of Pisces is about. Great Mystery and the connection with everything alive in the cosmos is Pisces’ domain. On this new moon, several planets, among them Venus, are in Pisces too, so this night promises a rich, plush and ineffable experience.

The archetypal Pisces lives from the heart and lives for love and roots for others and is happy for the happiness of others. Pisces is comforted by the good fortune of everyone around them and by beautiful events. 

The perceptive dig the beauty, the generosity and the loving kindness of Pisces. Many of these traits are gathered by practise. 

Though not exactly by osmosis or by random contact. Many realities on earth are painful. Not because it is “3 D reality”, but because human beings make horrible choices, are insensitive, irresponsible, don’t care about the lot of others or the next generation, have personality disorders, suck, and still manage to intimidate or charm so many people to back those horrible choices too. Almost all of our human problems are man-made. Please don’t blame our gorgeous planet for man’s mistakes, sickness and shortcomings.

That the world is not exactly on the vibration of love and often unkind to the most benign and harmony-oriented is not exactly news.

Key for Pisces, Pisces-dominant people, and lovers born in other signs is to learn how to self-soothe without resorting to substance abuse and having a routine for self-regeneration. 

The best decision a Pisces-dominant person can make is to please Spirit rather than seek approval from people. Seeking approval from people rarely ends up being a positive experience. We simply can not expect that people will be different than they are. 

But we don’t have to give up our meditations and our spiritual practice and our inner world, just because the world does not reward it.

At a time when the world has forgotten what it means to love, Pisces can shine and show how it is done and rise as a leader and teacher of humane attitudes and gentleness.

I say lead. I do not say chase after people who do not want to learn about it. Pisces should not compromise and misuse their empathy and love. Because Pisces think so much about love, they remind us of the plane of love, and they remind us to love. What could be more precious than that?

Help the lovers, the encouragers, everyone who respects and enjoys love by broadcasting messages about what life is about and that there is more to life than ego. Serve. Be kind. Cheer to goodness. Be steadfast, and act with love — that is how you love. 

Also, withdraw support from highly deluded people, the corrupt, and those who spread hate. By hoping to change them energetically, mystically, biochemically, philosophically, by doting on them in the name of love or with the best intentions, you are not being loving. 

Pisces should aim for utmost sincerity with themselves and use that emotional intelligence, and choose their inner circle wisely.

I mentioned fasting. If you don’t fast on this new moon — there are more reasons to do it than to not do it — , eat something plant-based and light. Or drink a juice from watery and cleansing vegetables, herbs and fruits like asparagus, celery, cucumber, parsley and cranberries. Give your digestive system a break, so your body can work on cell regeneration.

Spring is already palpable in my corner of the earth. I woke up to bird songs this morning. After the long winter, it was lovely to hear the animated chirping concert again. The sweetness of the moment was so healing. I lingered in it and in my anticipation of spring and the growing season. Soon, everything will be green.

May this new moon renew and charm you. Take care of your feet. Take care of your home — especially your basement, the symbol inside your building for your feet. Love is alive.

I am attaching a selection of my lunar essays. I plan to compile them before the end of 2021. You see that they are quite different in content and recommendations. I keep only what has shown replicable, beneficial results after almost 3 decades of experimentation with lunar cycles. I share my knowledge so that you can thrive and live with wonder too.

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13 March 2021

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