New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?

Painting by Aldro Thomas Hibbard (1886 – 1972)

New moon is such a juicy time of the month: cleansing, balmy, receptive, and a tad electric. 

I know that I am not the only person who likes the ambience on new moons. Many people, especially those who have an excess of heat in the body, in the emotions, or in the thoughts appreciate the mellow and succulent energy of new moons. Many people look forward to new moons: that is when they fast for a day, go on a mini retreat, turn off all gadgets, and relax. Many report having sage thoughts, restful sleep, calmer nerves and a copious flow of creativity. 

A new moon can move you to complete the painting you are working on; you might hear a melody that you will record; you get a sudden idea about a project that you want to explore further; or your mind clears up and the order of how you will proceed in your project emerges. Take advantage of that, if you are a creative person, if you run a creative business, a small business, and if you just enjoy fresh energies! 

A lot of people notice what a piece of cake it is to clean and to deep clean on each new moon. Stains, dirt and dust come off easily from surfaces, fabrics and carpets. Not everyone loves to clean. But almost everyone loves the results of clean rooms, clean clothes and clean sheets. So when cleaning is thorough and gets done in a snap, go with the flow. Get it done.

This new moon is the first in the New Year 2021, a year many of us have waited for with anticipation, in the sign of inner authority, in Capricorn. 

Capricorn is described as pragmatic, focused and invested in personal success. Don’t be surprised if you feel some kind of itch to sort through your shelves, your files, your desk, your laptop bag, your handbag and your purse. If you want to attack “drudgy” tasks that you tend to postpone for later, if you are ready to tackle unfinished chores, the dreaded paperwork, or money stuff, if you feel the urge to prepare last year’s taxes, go for it. That is pretty much what you can expect on a moon in Capricorn. Give in to such impulses. Most likely you have the energy for such tasks too! Get rid of excess clutter. Bring order to your work area. 

The moon in Capricorn is showing you how to take charge, get things done and be done with it. Moon in Capricorn is about lists, checking off to-do-lists, tying up loose ends, organizing without complaining, not minding time-consuming work that requires attention to detail, even finding some satisfaction in it. Moon in Capricorn communicates “Hey, let me finish this corner”, and action follows. No ifs and buts. No procrastination. 

Capricorn is not only interested in professional goals, in a raise at work, in growing a career, income streams and a reputation for excellence. Capricorn desires and resonates with holistic competence, with preparedness in all situations in life, with being equipped with all resources to deal with every type of drama and challenge… We all can take a leaf out of Cap’s book in that regard: being able to rely on yourself builds confidence. People put their confidence in someone so capable too.

Many Capricorns are living encyclopedias of knowledge in the field they have specialized in. Whatever they set their minds on, they tend to master. They won’t rub it in your face, but once they get attention and the rewards come, they know how to receive it. They are not shy to toot their own horn, either. Should you ignore or forget their accomplishments, be ready to hear their list of achievements; it is impressive! They expect recognition and live for it. Work well done boosts their vitality. 

People who are not Capricorns may never fully understand that. But Caps can teach us a great deal about how to work in the quiet and let the results speak and then be comfortable with praise, the spotlight, comforts, handsome sums of money, leading and staying relevant. 

All that is about more than ego, however. It is part of becoming a quality person. It is about living with dignity (instead of impulsivity). It is about faith in the concept of “As you sow, so you shall reap”. It is about finding one’s niche and about lifelong self-improvement.

Whole schools of thought and subcultures have questioned, ridiculed and maligned ambition and the wish to fit a social role. The paradigm of today panders to addicts of every addiction under the sun and indulges in anti-intellectualism and puts up with hostility aimed at those who work for their success. The utter loss of a moral compass, as is evident in the USA and its and every other country’s consumer and celebrity culture, the many crises we are plagued with, the masses of young men thrown under the bus by the sociopaths they followed and adored, the masses of young people who have no drive or purpose, makes me wonder… Maybe it is not wise to scoff at ambition or the ambitious. At least, evaluate who got harmed by pride in good work. Compare that to who got harmed by not having that.

We can tap into the archetype of Capricorn every time we want to connect with our power and make decisions that will last, particularly decisions that will affect seven generations after us. I make many decisions thinking of my impact on those after me.

We all have Capricorn somewhere in our birth chart. That describes the aspect in your life where you show up sensible and prudent and ready to give your best.

Capricorn is the father figure of the zodiac. If your father offers you advice today, you may be more prone to taking it. “He has a point! Why not do it right away?” 

On other days with a different quality, you may be less inclined to take direction from someone mature, more experienced than you, or Dad. But while the moon is in Capricorn, you seem to pick up that someone with more life behind him, more know-how, and concern and affection for you is offering you a gift. And you take it. 

When a loving authority figure reaches out to you during this lunar transit, you tend to consider the advice, the pointer, the information that will speed up the process to get where you want to be, and you are grateful to expert counsel. 

Send your father thoughts of gratitude telepathically, if you feel so inclined. That will heal and soften the relationship with him, dissolve the residue of resistance and tension, and raise the frequencies between you and your father, and by that, in your father line, your paternal ancestors, who, after all, had something to do with you arriving here. 

If your relationship with your father is troubled, and you can not change much about it, send your gratitude to a man who was born before you and whom you respect. Be genuine about it. This is not an exercise to feed sarcasm, or to re-traumatize yourself with memories you don’t wish to keep. Choose a person who is a role model to you, to whom you feel grateful for, without having to twist yourself into a pretzel, or to whom you could feel grateful to.

Broadcast your gratitude to the men who have contributed positively to your life. Broadcast your gratitude to the father and the fathers who have moved your heart.

The moon affects our bodies more than it affects the psyche. So let me come back to this particular new moon. 

The moon in Capricorn affects the knees and the skin… and a little less so, the rest of the skeleton, the bones, and the teeth. 

Now is the perfect time (the most perfect moment of the year, in fact) to get rid of unwanted hair. Hair removal on a moon in Capricorn weakens hair. Hair grows out thin and slower than usual.

Avoid skin operations and knee operations. Don’t strain your knees too much. If you have knee pain, chronic knee problems, they might flare up – all the more reason to not strain them.  Don’t pick on scabs, skin imperfections, acne pimples, scars and growths. Keep your skin care as pure as possible and light. Let your skin breathe on this day. Give it oxygen and vitamin D. Don’t cover up your face with heavy make-up today. Instead, try to figure out why you have those outbreaks, rashes, dark circles, and why you are pale. Could you improve your diet and your sleep hygiene? Do you need more rest or more exercise? When will you start?

Make yourself sweat. Sweat expels toxins and metabolic wastes. Sweat moisturizes the skin and the scalp. Steam baths are perfect today.  

This is also a great time to reduce the appearance of scars. Castor oil, a remedy I mention often, is amazing at reducing scars. Castor oil activates self-healing processes deep in the skin, in the muscles and organs, in the cartilage and the bones. So far, science has not discovered what exactly it is in castor oil that heals, cleans and rejuvenates and even reconnects tissues from the inside, but it does. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian tradition of medicine, recommends castor oil for many health and cosmetic problems. The results are remarkable. I use it regularly.

New moons are wonderful for intention setting! Particularly this moon in the early year and in Capricorn can assist you in forming an intention that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely (SMART). Think about what you will grow this year. What is it? That is your intention.

On the plane of shared reality, decisions coming from lawmakers and government and large social movements are quite common when the moon transits Capricorn. Announcements relating to dealing with the pandemic (Ontario just declared the second state of emergency and a stay at home order, other Canadian provinces had stricter measures in place and went public with their recent plans as well) and declarations about new boundaries in politics (like major banks cutting ties with the US administration and the impending second impeachment of the president) are in line with this lunar position. 

Capricorn is about structures. Structures hold life together. Structures hold whole groups of people together. That is why threats to structures come into focus when the moon is in Capricorn.

Happy moon bathing. Pick something in my writing that you want to take into your day and into your new year.

12 January 2021 

(groovy numbers!) 

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