Earth Send On 1 April 2022

We are meeting in our weekly circle for the well-being of the planet and all life on it. Please direct your gratitude and positive intentions into this meditation and reiki send. We are saying hello to the organs and the organisms that support us, that keep us alive and that enable us to experience lifeContinue reading “Earth Send On 1 April 2022”

Moonlight Song

Just like the joint pinereleases its pollen to the full moon light,let your powder of thanks, intent, and lovefly into the night of the full pink moon.It is for the highest good of all.It is for your highest good too. Wear the feeling of your satisfied dream.Savour how it fits you like a glove.What isContinue reading “Moonlight Song”

New Moon In March, New Moon In Pisces: Align And Welcome The Good

Happy new moon, in Pisces. Approaching new moon, help your body rid itself off metabolic waste and dirt, and clean up your desk and your home. Cleaning with water is so much easier in the last week before new moon than during the rest of the month, and easiest on new moon. Why not goContinue reading “New Moon In March, New Moon In Pisces: Align And Welcome The Good”

New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?

New moon is such a juicy time of the month: cleansing, balmy, receptive, and a tad electric.  I know that I am not the only person who likes the ambience on new moons. Many people, especially those who have an excess of heat in the body, in the emotions, or in the thoughts appreciate theContinue reading “New Moon In January, New Moon In Capricorn: What Will You Grow?”

New Moon In November: Gratification

This new moon is refreshing. What a perfect time to declutter, refresh, cleanse and renew: your home, your body, and your mind. Bring fresh energy into your home by letting go of things that you do not use anymore. Take the quality stuff that has served its purpose to charity, or offer it to aContinue reading “New Moon In November: Gratification”

New Moon In September: Keep What Sparks Joy

Enjoy the new moon energy today. It is very pleasant. As the moon starts its fresh cycle, you can start a fresh cycle of satisfying choices. Renew your body with the harvest of foods you have grown, with vegetables grown by people who can teach you how to grow your food, and with plenty ofContinue reading “New Moon In September: Keep What Sparks Joy”

Growing Food By the Moon

Useful insight for growers and for star gazers who want to live in harmony with the seasons: The first full moon in May — full moon in Scorpio / Vesak — is the start of a vigorous growth season. (If you are higher up in the North, the frost is gone after that full moonContinue reading “Growing Food By the Moon”