You don’t have to be militant when you refuse something that isn’t good for your health or when you show your boundaries. And you don’t have to be militant when you share something benign and good. Your impatience and triggers are excess energies that you can build with even more of what you consider isContinue reading “Aplomb”

How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real

This afternoon, IĀ overheard this intelligent and useful approach when dealing with people who have been brainwashed and may be unable to admit it, but would benefit from your kindness and skill, so that they can leave the past in theĀ past. … “There is something very powerful about being part of a group that taps intoContinue reading “How to Bring People Back From Delusion to What Is Real”

Just One Drop Of That Wisdom

“The basis of knowledge is the fire, rock, water, and green. But when that power was given to man, he used it to twist his own mind. Tunkashila gave man just one drop of that wisdom.”  –Wallace Black Elk, Lakota Elder “All My Relations, the wisdom disappeared and a thing came in called self-will. Self-willContinue reading “Just One Drop Of That Wisdom”

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Nothing upsets an ill-willed person more than noticing how well-treated and respected you are. Closely following that is your praise of good people in your life and of the good people you admire. Know that they are fuming, even when they don’t show it. The opposite applies too: those who are good-willed and have yourContinue reading “Separating the Wheat from the Chaff”

Peace and Prayer Day 2015

On solstice, it is also the 20th World Peace and Prayer Day. You can be part of it too, from where you sit, breathe and bless. Chief Arvol Looking Horse called for the protection of all sacred sites. That is the theme this year. Remember that there is a sacred site in your own homeContinue reading “Peace and Prayer Day 2015”

No Virus Is Stronger Than Life

I woke up on Saturday morning and noticed that I had lost two tiny warts, one in my palm, the other on my sole. I have used a lot of solutions on those tiny buggers in the last 7 years. Fig juice (from my parents’ fig trees) shrunk them noticeably, but once I was inContinue reading “No Virus Is Stronger Than Life”