Healing Circle On 21 January 2022

It is Friday again. We are meeting in our circle for the well-being of all life on earth, holding the idea of what that could mean in the real plane, asking what we can do this week to contribute to it, and giving thanks for all the ways we already enjoy well-being.

May this Friday lighten you up, clarify your path and let you overflow with appreciation.

Reiki will be on the way from my end several times.

I am not a fan of winter. But in the last years, I have come to appreciate winter as a time to pay attention to, repair and beautify the interior spaces that we inhabit. There is a parallel to creating an inner life, boosting our creativity, self-acceptance and self-love within our four walls and within the four walls of our work place. Once we notice it, there is no going back, and we make an effort to keep our focus, good mood and inspiration while we are indoors, too. Happy reorganizing, redecorating, decluttering, dusting, washing, painting, repairing, renewing, recharging to all.

21 January 2022

Photo credit: iStockPhoto

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