Healing Circle On 28 January 2022

Photo credit to Pxhere

We are meeting in our worldwide virtual circle and sending our gratitude, love and healing to each other and to our healing recipients.

These last weeks have been a time of many final goodbyes — to luminaries such as Thich Nhat Hanh and bell hooks, lightwork influencer Sanaya Roman, as well as people we have cared about. May their transitions to the other realm be smooth. May we remember their service to us, their laughter, their open hearts, their joy of being alive.

Losing people to death can wake up and renew our respect for time and priorities. On this day, allow yourself to go over your goals and wish lists – especially the big ones! – and schedule when you are committing to them.

On this day, be grateful for all the times when you listened to your intuition — even though it did not make a lot of sense to your conscious mind or to the set of ideas that you were following at the time. In retrospect, you can appreciate that your intuition was showing you a path when things looked hopeless, when you were in danger or about to throw yourself in harm’s way, when you had outgrown certain dynamics and perhaps weren’t quite aware of that yet, or when it was time to open yourself to a flow of creativity that was still unknown to you, a new self-image, or fresh interests that made you feel glad to be alive. Bring to your mind that you could have been the person who chose to turn those signals off, but that you decided to read what Life was “waving at” you, and that you chose the path less traveled.

Reiki will go out several times from my corner of the world.

28 January 2022

#Friday #wellbeingtoall #circle #earthsend #reikisend #inmetta

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