Healing Circle on 4 February 2022

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Time flies when you are having fun.. It is Friday again, and we are meeting in our weekly healing circle for the well-being of all life.

If you have used this unusual situation to clean up your life and to reorganize yourself, you will reap the benefits soon. Acknowledge yourself just for today! If you are on the fence, but you get signals that you should change a few things, now – before spring cleaning season – is a great moment to define your goals and shift your habits to reflect, and obtain, those goals.

A lot of people are under the impression that “if only” X happened, they could have what they want or they would be content. What I have seen is that the tendency to wish for conditions that are outside of our control becomes an excuse to not confront what is in our power to change, an escapism, if you will, and a source of chronic unhappiness. A person becomes aware of her/his conditioning by taking the time for meditation, looking inside, silence… The revelation of what can be changed comes into full focus.

Just for today, I say thanks to the vital energy that heals, renews, refreshes our bodies and that heals, renews and refreshes our priorities and attitudes.

Reiki will flow several times from this corner of the earth.

4 February 2022

#Friday #circle #wellbeing #inmetta

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