Healing Circle On 11 February 2022

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We are meeting in our Circle for the well-being of all.

Just for today, I am asking that we rededicate our focus to the end of the pandemic and the end of pandemic measures.

There are many signs that people can not cope anymore with the suggested or enforced behaviour modifications and lifestyle restrictions to reduce the spread of infectious viruses. Especially older people and the youth are having a hard time. A lot of people have forgotten that viruses have a lifespan. Let’s imagine the end of the situation.

The truckers’ convoy in Canada’s capital has initiated a lot of overdue conversations, both public and private. On the first weekend, the support of the mainstream was huge. Later, things came to light that had little to do with the proposed aim; but I want to say that regardless of what your choices and opinions have been so far, there is a shared aim after these last two years, and that is healing, health and a fearless life. We can put reiki onto that. We can put our minds toward that.

Thank you. I will let healing flow several times a day. May your Friday be serene, motivating and bright.

This is the time of the year when you can begin sowing your year’s garden. You can sow your seeds with the intention to witness and to benefit from healing, health and a fearless life.

11 February 2022

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