The Actual Pandemic

Sober, fun and highly nutritious choices feed freedom, focus and friendliness. Thanks to Freepik for the photo

I don’t know how many of you checked the numbers of deaths in the last two years. In British Columbia and in California, the North American West, deaths from overdoses have been much higher than deaths from covid infections. I bet that most of the world has similar statistics.

There has been a lot of talk about the opioid crisis in the last 5 years. Recovery movements have been trying for years to communicate about the destructiveness of substance addictions to society, families and individuals; but there is no discourse about solving the problem financially, politically, medically, psychologically, spiritually, through a paradigm shift or alternative and sober fun. Maybe you will start that conversation.

What is promising about recent trends is that among millenials and gen Z, there is a tendency to healthier eating and thereby also the awareness that alcohol is a carcinogen and that drugs have indeed decimated many communities and have been used as effective warfare on people. This is a perspective on pre-addictive behaviour that is helpful to grow.

May it be of benefit.

11 February 2022

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