The Actual Pandemic

I don’t know how many of you checked the numbers of deaths in the last two years. In British Columbia and in California, the North American West, deaths from overdoses have been much higher than deaths from covid infections. I bet that most of the world has similar statistics. There has been a lot ofContinue reading “The Actual Pandemic”

Model Of Peace: Sweden

Sweden has not participated in wars for over 200 years. So when anyone tells you that peace is a pipe dream and against human nature, recall that a whole country managed to resolve conflicts for two centuries. Sweden also features on every list of countries with a high quality of life. It is strange thatContinue reading “Model Of Peace: Sweden”

Bread and Games and Americana

Sometimes I wonder about what people in 200 years will think of us. Will they conclude that we were sick with self-obsession, greed, lack of moral courage, utter disregard of the ecology, addictions to entertainment and substances, in other words, self-chosen slavery to states that made it possible to ignore most of the horrors corporations,Continue reading “Bread and Games and Americana”