Bread and Games and Americana

Sometimes I wonder about what people in 200 years will think of us. Will they conclude that we were sick with self-obsession, greed, lack of moral courage, utter disregard of the ecology, addictions to entertainment and substances, in other words, self-chosen slavery to states that made it possible to ignore most of the horrors corporations, governments, elite clubs were committing for their enrichment and ignore the heart-ache of noticing those horrors?

Or will they also see the few who pointed to the way out of a pervasive confusion?

I don’t know…

This I know: the dominant paradigm is heartless and without sanity, and there is no effective challenge to it. The media have been bought by the rich; intellectuals have committed to ideologies instead of to scepticism, knowledge and the pursuit of knowledge; the masters and advertisers of denial are living it up and are met with enthusiastic approval, while the wise, informed, and warm are being ignored; and a lot of people, animals and plants suffer.

This is neither sustainable nor intelligent.


#observingwhatis #panemetcircences


25 July 2018

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