“How Have Your Views Changed Since Covid19?”

Illustration by StaticCarouselBanner

There has been a minimal change in my views on life as such, but a big change in my perception of leadership. There are actually very few leaders, and most of them are not in leadership positions. Those who sit in leadership positions tell themselves that they are handling “the situation” in a great way, and they don’t seem to notice how absurd they sound (to everyone but themselves).

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by many people on the ground, by how skillfully, intelligently, lovingly, they show up when many are stressed, worried, anxious, frustrated, and ready to argue. I will not forget that.

The media will not cover positive news, because they don’t profit when they show benign, encouraging examples or communities acting in a sane manner.

There is more cash in pitting people against each other, diverting from the international Epstein/Maxwell enterprise, making sure that their former customers present themselves as legitimate political candidates in 2020 and beyond and can keep their huge bank accounts. In other words, same stuff, just a different day.


17 July 2020

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