Less Is Beautiful? Yes. Maybe. Except…

The Exception to the Rule of Less:

You can make do with less. You can do fine with less clutter, with less to worry about – that is aesthetic too.

The exception to the rule of less: you can not do better with less love. You can make do, but you are not better off. And that is not how spirit intends you to live.

If that is happening, step away from the company that rubs into your face the message of how ungenerous they are.

Love reaches out into wider and wider circles. Therefore deficits in responsiveness are due to some dysfunction and lack of understanding of how everything connects, interconnects and has a consequence.

Now look at it closely: is lack what love attracts? Hardly so. Why this is showing up is because a subpersonality within holds onto a belief in lack or on to loyalty to those with whom you have little in common.

Balance? Balance means that the abundance of light, optimism, and warmth finds a mirror on the outside.

So be it. And then, celebrate it. In style!

9 September 2015

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