The Actual Pandemic

I don’t know how many of you checked the numbers of deaths in the last two years. In British Columbia and in California, the North American West, deaths from overdoses have been much higher than deaths from covid infections. I bet that most of the world has similar statistics. There has been a lot ofContinue reading “The Actual Pandemic”

Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body

The world is the world. It is not your projections or someone else’s projections on it. Unless you are a researcher and have looked at a situation very long, observed it from all angles, have first hand experience with the topic, you can rest assured that whatever you pick up has to do with yourContinue reading “Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body”

From Speed To Ritalin: A Society That Won’t Sober Up

I recommend Martin Kasindorf’s movie about doctor Max Jacobson who treated many US celebrities and politicians of the 20th century with his concoctions of minerals, vitamins, human placenta, enzymes, steroids and methamphetamines. The movie tells the facts in a light style, but you will find yourself seeing connections between then and now and contemplating observationsContinue reading “From Speed To Ritalin: A Society That Won’t Sober Up”

Slaves to Master Alcohol

It is fascinating how people who live unmanageable lives have that bravado to lecture you in detail about the details of your life. They know what you are doing wrong. You are living in the wrong neighbourhood. You are shopping at the wrong grocers and retailers. You are overspending. You don’t know the value ofContinue reading “Slaves to Master Alcohol”