Reconnect To Your Body And To the Earth Body

the Earth, public photo

The world is the world. It is not your projections or someone else’s projections on it. Unless you are a researcher and have looked at a situation very long, observed it from all angles, have first hand experience with the topic, you can rest assured that whatever you pick up has to do with your preferences and your blind spots — it doesn’t even begin to capture the vast reality, only a very tiny pocket within it.

Based on that fact, you need two sources of information: information that inspires you to evolve and become the best version of your self (growth agents) and information from people who are different from you and have excelled in one discipline (so that you comprehend the world on its own terms and widen your perspective about what the human family is going through and understand what you can offer to heal pain … and not just keep repeating ideas written down by narcissists of the past or the present, authors without remorse, conscience, sense, or foresight who used appealing language.

Unfortunately, there were many, and they are one reason why there are so many eloquent, well-read professors, thinkers, even new agers (!) who block out the severity of the ecological crisis and will not dwell on devastating issues such as wars and social wars, anything that is painful to all beings except their own peers who make up a very small group of people on the planet. They and their peers profit from staying in their own bubble and avoiding anything that is painful — because they too chose narcissism, or their addictions, over awakening.)

Words can mislead us to think in a way that bolsters ego or that clears up perception. That is why provable, experiential facts make up the ground on which you can stand, while stories that are written to ridicule someone other, make the most privileged pity themselves are toxic crap, attempts to feed mythologies, cruelty, and the disconnect from feeling and actual observing.

The time is ripe for people to trust their bodies and make the connection to what is happening to the earth.

It is no longer the era to get carried away by ideologies and support for people who detach, fabricate, hate, and demand never-ending forgiveness.

26 December 2018

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