Felt Contentment

I have arrived at the insight that contentment, and the sense of being lucky and blessed on which it rests, is not only subjective (because your self-assessment weighs more than random opinion), but also a matter of discipline. That is bad news for the young and the impatient. It is also an opportunity to evaluateContinue reading “Felt Contentment”

Snap Out Of Spiritual Boredom, And Work On Your Life.

All spiritual merits have high value. But the level of difficulty or ease is different for each individual. Certain practices come to you naturally, without second thought. Sure, you can aim to improve at everything. But be alert for signs of getting stuck: messages that are high and benign will sound stale, “noisy”, like slogansContinue reading “Snap Out Of Spiritual Boredom, And Work On Your Life.”