Felt Contentment

I have arrived at the insight that contentment, and the sense of being lucky and blessed on which it rests, is not only subjective (because your self-assessment weighs more than random opinion), but also a matter of discipline. That is bad news for the young and the impatient. It is also an opportunity to evaluateContinue reading “Felt Contentment”

The Hijacked Mind

It is very obvious that visual media, especially TV and its ads can not replace education, research, the subtle wisdom of elders who lived in one place all their lives, people who continually have success with their methods, and the warmth of people. A culture based on visual media is not a “culture” but consumerism.Continue reading “The Hijacked Mind”

Conflict Addicts

Life has taught me that there are really only two types of people: – those motivated by the wish to ease suffering of one or many species, or ease their own suffering, so they are trying to find solutions and – those who are mainly concerned about their right to say the most outlandish things,Continue reading “Conflict Addicts”