The Hijacked Mind

It is very obvious that visual media, especially TV and its ads can not replace education, research, the subtle wisdom of elders who lived in one place all their lives, people who continually have success with their methods, and the warmth of people.

A culture based on visual media is not a “culture” but consumerism. The old method of distraction through entertainment (“panem et circenses”) raised very confused and overstimulated people with no inner strength, curiosity, attention span, or moral courage. Too thin-skinned to learn. Too impatient to absorb. Too surprised about others who are more effective. Oblivious to the world of more than two possibilities and oblivious to the world of many life forms, they can only think in camps (“those are the bad guys that we must kill”; “we are the good ones that must win”, “kill, kill, kill them”, “hooray, we win, we are it!”). So dyed-in-the-wool is their self-defense, so automatic their narcissism that they project envy on those who try on new lifestyles or a new set of ideas, that they project resentment on those who live holistically, with a clean conscience, with bonds of mutual benefit and of joy…

And it doesn’t stop here: they package their farcical perceptions as “wisdom”. Never understanding that they are adding to the compost piles of examples of how not to go about life, how not to be, how to not raise your children.

10 March 2019

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