Be the Music In the Noise

You can’t wipe out ugliness with a little less ugliness, since you are still competing with it. Living out of a reactionary spirit pleases only those who push your buttons. They love it when they get the desired reaction — that is how they win their games that noone else is meant to win. It is you who gets tired by it.

You can wipe out ugliness by offering a fresh energy, order, something that lasts, beauty.

That applies to your home life, to your inner life, to creativity, to politics… Gaia is a relational planet. Crazymakers will learn that eventually too. Focus on better human beings to keep your sanity. Focus on what you want to experience as a result of your efforts. We harvest what we sow — don’t let anyone disturb your sowing.

6 March 2019

2 thoughts on “Be the Music In the Noise

  1. Nature shows that life is richer through symbiosis; the mutual, balanced and healthy connections. As you wisely expressed Gaia is a relational planet. She gives us a blueprint, a foundation, which if we use will build and grow a life full and rich.
    Choose to focus on our being more harmonious and in touch with ourselves. In turn that is what will flow outward in what we sow and reap. A bountiful harvest.

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