The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders

The problem with not having old people in positions of counsel (and I am not talking of 45 year old or 55 year olds, I am talking of a long and profound experience of life and the ability to make sense of it, coupled with love for humanity, in a senior) is that there isContinue reading “The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders”

The Hijacked Mind

It is very obvious that visual media, especially TV and its ads can not replace education, research, the subtle wisdom of elders who lived in one place all their lives, people who continually have success with their methods, and the warmth of people. A culture based on visual media is not a “culture” but consumerism.Continue reading “The Hijacked Mind”

Because We Have to Evolve

Unfortunately, culture is not accustomed to nonalcoholic or postalcoholic philosophies and arts and very ungenerous to the brilliance of nonalcoholic thinkers and artists. That will change in the future. NJ 23 June 2019