The Foresight of the Ancestors

The wisdom of the elders is only a wisdom if the elders were wiser than you — if they made better choices, less harmful choices, were luckier as a result of their decisions, and if they had sense. The reason why we have plenty of extremism instead of wisdom in this era is that theContinue reading “The Foresight of the Ancestors”

The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders

The problem with not having old people in positions of counsel (and I am not talking of 45 year old or 55 year olds, I am talking of a long and profound experience of life and the ability to make sense of it, coupled with love for humanity, in a senior) is that there isContinue reading “The Problem Of Our Time and Culture: There Are No Elders”

Teachers and Elders – On the Shoulders of Giants

The freer you become, the more you appreciate those who have made your liberation possible. And the opposite is true too: you can not honour anyone before you, for as long as you feel trapped. The reiki rule “Just for today, I will honour my teachers and elders” is only accessible to those who activelyContinue reading “Teachers and Elders – On the Shoulders of Giants”

Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place

Our next Friday circle will be a tribute to “Just for today, I will honour my elders and teachers” (reiki rule). My posts follow that principle quite regularly, because I honour a spiritual or creative ancestor on his/her birthday, in some cases, a sibling, and in rare cases, a spiritual descendant – because I seeContinue reading “Heroes – Before and While Sheltering In Place”